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Written By Chris Andrews | November 24, 2019

Audi, like it's competitors BMW and Mercedes Benz - is a household name in the world of Luxury Cars. While BMW is known for its dynamics and Mercedes its refinement and comfort, Audi is known for its incredible balance of both comfort and speed - as well as the companies revolutionary Quattro systems - which undoubtedly puts the company ahead of their competitors as far as all wheel drive systems are concerned. Audi's incredible craftsmanship - particularly when it comes to their interiors is also something that makes them stand out. The leather is high quality and the technology is nothing short of perfect. It's no wonder Audi's parent group VW supplies the engines which power Lamborghini and Bugatti among many others. The company was founded by August Horch in Germany in 1910 and is now owned by the Volkswagen group and has been since 1966 - effectively operating as the groups Luxury Car brand. In 2018 the company produces a staggering 1.87 million cars world-wide, with close to 4,000 of those being the famous Audi R8.

Rent an Audi in the USA

In a country that thrives on big powerful cars - Audi competes with the very best the states has to offer. With the Audi Q5 being the top selling Audi in the states it's no wonder this car was named as the 2018 'Best Car for Families'. Take the family on a trip to Park City, Utah in an ultra modern, state of the art Audi SUV rental that is not only stylish and comfortable - but gives you the best four-wheel drive that you need to conquer the snow-filled mountain or rent the Audi R8 in Los Angeles and explore the open roads of America's West Coast. At Exotic Rentals & Retreats we currently have access to the latest range of Audi models available for rental in the following locations:

- Rent an Audi in New York

- Rent an Audi in Los Angeles

- Rent an Audi in San Francisco

- Rent an Audi in Las Vegas

 Get in touch with one of our highly knowledgable reservations manager today and begin planning your next (or first) Audi rental in the USA.

Extensive Audi rental fleet

Renting a Luxury Car can be a difficult decision for some - choosing the right supplier and making the right choice of vehicle are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. Our specialist reservations manager will take your entire trip into account when helping you decide which vehicle fits best. 

Our extensive fleet contains the following Audi models:

- Audi R8 V10 Coupe rental

- Audi R8 V10 Spyder rental

- Audi R8 V10+ rental

- Audi RS3 rental

- Audi RS6 avant rental

- Audi A5 Cabrio rental

- Audi A6 rental

- Audi A7 Sportback rental

- Audi A8 rental

- Audi Q5 rental

- Audi Q7 rental

- Audi Q8 rental 

- *other models sourced on request

Get in contact with us today to reserve your next Audi rental in any of our locations worldwide. 

Audi Rental in the UAE
Exclusive Driving Tours in Europe

Exotic Rentals & Retreats specializes in custom tailored driving experiences throughout Europe whether thats a one day Audi driving experience in Germany with just you and your partner or a 5 day European Driving adventure through some of Europe's most iconic roads with 5 of your best friends. Our European driving tours cater to driving enthusiasts, 50th birthday parties, business incentive trips or simply ticking off that bucket list goal of driving an exotic sports car through Europe. Driving tours start in any major cities throughout Europe and can be as customized as you wish. Contact our driving tour specialists to find out how you can plan your once in a lifetime European driving tour with Exotic Rentals & Retreats.

Rent an Audi in Europe

Rent an Audi in Europe and feel the true comfort of a tried and tested Luxury Car. With it's all wheel drive 'Quattro' system there will be no roads that your Audi rental in Europe can't tackle. Whether you are renting the Audi Q7 for a weekend in the alps, an Audi R8 V10+ rental in Munich for a test drive or the incredible Audi RS6 avant rental in Italy for your annual Summer vacation - Audi will not disappoint. With the perfect combination of comfort and sportiness - renting an Audi with Exotic Rentals & Retreats is a decision that will not disappoint even the truest of driving enthusiasts. Whether its family fun, business or one of our custom European driving tours let one of these century old German Sports cars take you on a journey of speed, comfort and precision. Rent an Audi in Europe from any city in any of our following European locations. 

- Audi rental in Italy

- Audi rental in Germany 

- Audi rental in in Spain 

- Audi rental in France

- Audi rental in Hungary

- Audi rental in Slovenia

- Audi rental in Greece

- Audi rental in Croatia

Audi rental in London


Our Luxury Car Rental service is second to none and we will leave no stone unturned when servicing you as a client. Pick up and drop off locations can be done in any major cities across Europe on your command.

Looking to do some off-roading in the desert? The revolutionary 'Quattro' all wheel drive systems that are fitted in the Audi SUV's will make your trip to the desert one that only dreams are made of. Or perhaps you are looking to test drive the latest Audi R8 while on a business trip to the Emirates - whatever it may be contact our UAE office today and reserve your spot in an Audi rental today.  The prices in the UAE are also extremely good for the value and service you are getting - especially when you rent a car with Exotic Rentals & Retreats. We guarantee that you will receive the best quality vehicles and unparalleled service. Enquire now to rent a Audi from one of the following locations in the UAE

Audi rental in Dubai

Audi rental in Abu Dhabi  

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