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Discover beautiful Croatia in an exotic or luxury car hire this Summer
By Amelia Hart | 2, 2020

Croatia is one of the prime locations in Europe to have your Summer holiday. From the evocative and historic old town district of Dubrovnik to the miles of pristine beaches and rocky coves - exploring Croatia in a luxury car hire is something that should be done at least once in your life. A vast array of activities and festivals take place throughout the Summer all over Croatia and if you don't first fall in love with its spectacular coastline then next on the list is its cuisine inspired by its natural and cultural heritage.

Hire a luxury car in Dubrovnik and be blown away by its natural beauty and rich heritage

Hire a convertible in Dubrovnik for a weekend getaway and explore the famous Adriatic Coast. Dubrovnik is full of incredible day trip destinations - from sleepy red-roofed villages to calm, rocky beaches and medieval churches - Dubrovnik is one city you won't get enough of in a convertible car hire.

Take a road trip through Croatia in a premium SUV hire

Croatia is littered with incredible sights and viewpoints. From the natural wonders of it's 8 national parks and two nature reserves to its 1000+ islands littered around the peninsula you will never get bored of this incredible destination. We currently have a wide selection of suvs for hire in Dubrovnik and surrounding cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire a car in Croatia and drive to Italy?

Yes - in order to do cross-country trips you will need to inform your booking agent and they will organize the necessary insurance for you to be able to cross the border from Croatia through Slovenia and into Italy. You can also put the vehicle on a ferry directly from Croatia to Italy. One way trips are possible but must be organized beforehand.

How does insurance work with luxury car hire in Croatia

Insurance is pretty straight forward with luxury and exotic car hire in Europe. When the vehicle is delivered a security deposit will be blocked on your credit card (usually between €2,500 - €5,000) and should the vehicle be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered the deposit will be unblocked and returned to your credit card. 

Do you offer concierge services in Croatia

Yes - Looking to hire a luxury car for a day in Dubrovnik to do self some exploring or wanting to book a private sail trip to see the many islands that Croatia has to offer? Exotic Rentals & Retreats has you covered. From dinner reservations to private yacht charter there is no task too big for us to handle. Simply contact us with your request and we will do whatever it takes to accommodate your request.

Luxury car hire brands in Croatia
Ferrari Rental
Lamborghini Rental
Maserati Rental
Porsche Rental
BMW rental
Audi Rental
Rent a Mercedes
Range Rover Rental
McLaren rental
Bentley Rental
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