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Exotic car rental has never been easier thanks to Exotic Rentals & Retreats

By Austin Stephens | 1, 2020
An exotic car rental is what dreams are made of

Ever dreamed of driving an exotic sports car? I think most people you ask this question will say yes - 100%. Almost everyone you know will be able to distinguish a Ferrari from a Lamborghini and vice versa, but very few people in this world actually get to drive these fantastic machines let alone pay a fraction of the price. Exotic Rentals & Retreats makes it much more easy and accessible to be able to live your dreams and drive an exotic car that you've always dreamed of. Whether it's an exotic sports car rental in Florence, Italy or a Lamborghini rental near me the team at Exotic Rentals & Retreats has you covered. With over 100 Exotic Sports Cars available for rent throughout the Europe, The USA and The UAE there's nothing we can't do when it comes down to making your dream of driving an exotic sports car come true.

Drive a Lamborghini in Europe, The USA or The UAE

We currently have all the latest Lamborghini models available for rental. Take your pick from some of our popular models below or have a look at all the Lamborghini Rental Cars we have in our fleet.

Drive a Ferrari through Italy, California or Abu Dhabi

The name Ferrari is synonymous with Exotic Cars. Rent a Ferrari in a location of your choice. We currently have the widest variety of Ferrari models available in most major cities worldwide. Have a look at some of our popular models below or view all Ferrari rental options available by clicking here

Rent a McLaren in Dubai, LA or New York City

Although they may not seem to be as popular as Ferrari and Lamborghini - it is extremely common for the people who drive them not to want to drive anything else ever again - they're made with such sleek precision and tech. Rent a McLaren with Exotic Rentals and retreats and see why. See our popular models below or click here to view all available models. 

Don't see the Exotic Sports Car Rental you're looking for? Don't stress!

Our fleet is constantly being updated and we have trusted partners who we work with to ensure you get the exact vehicle you want. Simply contact us or fill out our online quote form and one of our personal reservations agents will get in touch with you today. 

*Please note vehicles are subject to availability and cars are only guaranteed once your booking is confirmed

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