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4.5L V8




320KM/H (199MP/H)



Drive a Ferrari 458 Spider with Exotic Rentals & Retreats.


If you know Ferrari then you will immediately know the Ferrari 458 Spider – one of the most successful Exotic Car’s of this generation, rent a Ferrari 458 Spider to find out exactly why you fell in love with Ferrari in the first place.

Design and Styling

It would not be wrong to call the Ferrari F458 Spider as one of the most versatile Ferrari cars ever. The car boasts a balanced combination of advanced technology updates, an upgrades design and spectacularly beautiful styling to win the attention of spectators at every nook and corner. The car combines the performance of a mid-rear engine configuration with the functionality of a retractable folding hardtop to offer a matchless amalgamation of comfort and thrilling performance in every.

Interior Highlights

A look at the interior of this model reveals a fine assortment of pristine styling elements which exude comfort and elegance from every inch. The double curvature of the roof provides for spacious sitting area. If you are someone over 6 feet tall, this car’s spacious interior can easily and comfortably accommodate you. The upholstery exudes prestige with meticulous design carvings and contrast stitching.

Engine and Performance

From a brilliant traction control to unique driving feel, the F458 Spider is certainly designed to create a strong combination of power and speed with or without the retractable roof. Prepare yourself to experience better control on the steering wheel as you take smooth turns around the corners as the car is capable of reading the road before you do. The car is bestridden with a V8 engine which revs at an exceptional power of 570 bhp and a maximum speed of 310 km/h so you can feel the thrill of driving while the sound system keeps you entertained with your favorite music for hours on the road.


  • Base 2dr Convertible

Looking for an Exotic Car rental or want to rent a Ferrari today? Call us and we will get you seated in a smooth, reliable and affordable way.

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