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4.3L V8




311KM/H (193MP/H)




Drive a Ferrari F430 spider with Exotic Rentals & Retreats.


Although this slightly older mode Ferrari is only available in a few of our Exotic Car Rental locations – don’t be fooled by it’s power and prowess. The Ferrari F430 is a classic and if you get the chance to rent a Ferrari such as this you’ll realize just how incredible Ferrari has been able to achieve such innovation in their sports cars for so many years.

Design and Styling

Head over to take a close look at the Ferrari F430 Spider if you are a resolute seeker of engineering mastery and bespoke performance. From its Pininifarina and Ferrari design collaboration to its meticulously designed exterior elements, the car boasts excellence in every manner. Speaking of the highlights, the F430 Spider is promised to win your admiration owing to its improved aerodynamics. The car has been carefully designed at the exterior to add muscular lines inspired from the Spider and Coupe versions.

We also have two very distinct elliptical air intakes which function as a unit to channel air into the radiators for quick engine cooling effect. Thus, you never have to worry about overheating the powerful engine while driving


Interior Highlights

Up next, we have spectacular driver’s seat dynamics. As always, Ferrari has paid special attention to offer an ergonomic interior seat designs which is just as comfortable for the passengers as it is for the drivers. The interior combines innovative practicality and stunning sportiness thoroughly in every styling element. For drivers, accessing the controls is easier than ever – all thanks to the new binnacle which contains the carefully located major car controls within easy access for the driver. The dashboard also has some very impressive

styling details.

Engine and Performance

The F430 is a mid-engines drop-top car featuring a fully automated electric hood to ensure engine visibility at all times. As far as the engine is concerned, the V8 engine reaches a maximum speed of more than 193 mph in a few seconds.


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  • Ferrari F430 Spider

  • Ferrari F430 Spider F1

Rent a Ferrari such as the Ferrari F430 Spider in one of our locations by calling our offices or emailing

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