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6.3-liter V12




335KM/H (208MP/H)



Drive a Ferrari GTC4Lusso with Exotic Rentals & Retreats


Looking for a Ferrari rental that can provide space and comfort for you and three others + luggage – look no further than this V12 beast of an exotic car.

Design and Styling

Ferrari creating SUVs. What more can you ask for in this mortal world? As surprising as it may seem, the Sports Vehicle creator has switched the roles for once to create a SUV-standard vehicle which shall stand tall from its competitors. Featuring four-wheel drive, the four seater will no longer require you to sit four feet high in the air! Although the low placement of seats may look odd, the drive feel is certainly the same.

Interior Highlights

Forget the chunky front seats and a suffocated leg compartment as this car is designed to offer as much comfort to the driver as well as the passangers as possible. Never will you ever witness a Ferrari as comfortable from the inside as this one. With plenty of legroom, the Ferrari GTC 4Lusso is designed for those grand tourer lovers who like to take up as much space as they want while traveling. Furthermore, the passengers can easily see past the front seats as they are not chunky.

Engine and Performance

The GTC 4Lusso is bestridden with a lusty 6.3 liter V12 engine which revs at a heart throbbing power of 680 bhp and 8000 rpm. Thus, you can fully enjoy the feel and thrill of speedy driving while sitting within this four seater supercar. The seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission complements the driving experience for smoother traction and easier steering.

If you’re interested in this larger Ferrari rental or would like more information regarding this or any other Exotic Car Rental in a location of your choice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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