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305KM/H (189MPH)




Rent a Lamborghini Urus with Exotic Rentals & Retreats!


When you think of SUVs – it’s seldom that you would think of driving one that not only feels like you’re driving an exotic supercar, but also looks like you are too. Our Lamborghini Urus Luxury SUV rental is one of a kind. Experience this Lamborghini Rental and be left in awe by this amazing car pin-point engineering.

Design Highlights

A cool super sports car featuring a myriad of functionality enhancing installment and soulful drive feel. As a true to type Lamborghini, The Urus boasts well-defined proportions, authentic design, and top-class performance specs. What makes it unique from the wide range of sports car rentals is that this coupe poses flying dynamics, distinctive silhouettes, and outstandingly rigid, well-proportioned framework. Hailed as the sports utility of all times, the Lamborghini Urus is as versatile as it can get with its pristine exterior design and a wide variety of customizations.

Interior Styling

True Lamborghini fans know that this automaker never disappoints its zealots whether it is the matter of design and styling or performance and safety features. The interior of the Urus represents a magnanimous display of bespoke luxury and Italian Craftsmanship - Which is further complemented by top-notch technology perks. From its driver-oriented instrument panel and unique aeronautic design, the car is a complete package. The infotainment system includes three TFT screens designated to suit the driver in three different situations. A quick look reveals wood finishing, Alcantara Leather, and carbon/aluminum fittings.

Performance and Drivetrain

Experience the true feel of a super sports car rental when driving with the V8 bi-turbo engine capable of generating an impressive 650 HP. Furthermore, we have three different off-road driving modes including:

  • TERRA for comfortable and easy driving

  • SABBIA for driving swiftly in sandy terrains

  • EGO lets the driver readjust the steering and other driving dynamics as per choice

The Urus also has three on-road driving modes:

  • STRADA for gliding across tracks with

  • SPORT for agile, responsive, and entertaining driving

  • CORSA shunts maximum performance and precision into the driving dynamics


  • Base All-wheel Drive Sport Utility

Get in touch with one of our highly experienced exotic and luxury car rental agents today to book your next trip in the Lamborghini Urus – available for rent in most major cities worldwide.

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