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Written By Florian Loup | October 28, 2019

When you think of McLaren some of the first words that come to mind are speed, power and technology. The name McLaren is synonymous with some of the fastest and most technologically advanced cars on the planet. The McLaren Motor Company was initially founded in 1963 by Bruce McLaren who was an avid driver and Formula1 racer who tragically died doing what he loved - racing. After 17 years the company merged with Ron Dennis’ Project 4 Racing team and 5 years later, McLaren Automotive’s predecessor, McLaren Cars, was founded by Ron Dennis. in 2017 McLaren Technology Group completed their purchase of McLaren Cars and currently run operations from their offices in Woking, Surrey, in the United Kingdom. Apart from the McLaren Formula1 team, three of the most famous McLaren cars are the F1, P1, and 12C – names which many car enthusiasts would recognize. The newest car that McLaren is set to add to its lineup would be the McLaren Senna. This car produces 789 horsepower from its 4.0 liter V8 engine. McLaren sold close to 5,000 vehicle across the world in 2018 putting it in touching distance of Lamborghini. Current models to note would be the McLaren 570S, Mclaren 675LT, The McLaren 720S as well as the McLaren Senna among others. At Exotic Rentals & Retreats we have some of the newest and most exotic McLaren's available. Rent a McLaren in one of our many locations worldwide. 

Rent a McLaren in Europe

Rent a McLaren in Europe and feel why this incredible automaker is continuously breaking boundaries in the field of power and technology. It is said that once you drive a McLaren - no matter what supercar you have driven before you may need to change allegiance. We don't contest although you may have to try for yourself. Rent a McLaren in Milan and head for the picturesque city of Bergamo. A city full of baroque and Renaissance architecture, Bergamo has some of the best views in northern Italy or get your friend, wife or partner or join one of our mouth watering European driving tours and let the technological prowess of one of these man made masterpieces take you on a journey through Europe's best driving roads. Rent a McLaren in Europe from any city in any of our following European locations. 

- McLaren rental in Italy

- McLaren rental in Germany 

- McLaren rental in in Spain 

- McLaren rental in France

- McLaren rental in Hungary

- McLaren rental in Slovenia

- McLaren rental in Greece

- McLaren rental in Croatia

McLaren rental in London

Our Luxury Car Rental Europe service is second to none and we will leave no stone unturned when servicing you as a client. Pick up and drop off locations can be done in any major cities across Europe on your command.

McLaren Rental in the UAE

Rent an exotic McLaren in an exotic location. Rent a McLaren 570s in Dubai and hit the open highway to Abu Dhabi where you can experience the incredible night Formula1 race at the Yas Marina Circuit. We guarantee that you will receive the best quality vehicles at extremely competitive prices and a personal reservations manager on hand to attend to your exotic car rental needs and the experience that will last a lifetime. Enquire now to rent a McLaren from one of the following locations in the UAE

- McLaren rental in Dubai

- McLaren rental in Abu Dhabi  

Driving Tours in Europe

Exotic Rentals & Retreats specializes in custom tailored driving experiences throughout Europe whether thats a one day McLaren driving experience in Germany with just you and your partner or a 5 day European Driving adventure through some of Europe's most iconic roads with 5 of your best friends. Our European driving retreats cater to driving enthusiasts, 50th birthday parties, business incentive trips or simply ticking off that bucket list goal of driving an exotic sports car through Europe. Driving tours start in any major cities throughout Europe and can be as customized as you wish. Contact our Luxury Car Rental specialists to find out how you can plan your once in a lifetime European driving tour with Exotic Rentals & Retreats.

Rent a McLaren in the USA

More than 25% of all McLarens sold in 2018 ended of in the USA. Although the automaker is not as popular as its rivals main Ferrari and Lamborghini - the sheer brilliance of their vehicles is second to none. At Exotic Rentals & Retreats we currently have access to the latest range of McLaren models available for rental in the following locations:

- Rent a McLaren in New York

- Rent a McLaren in Los Angeles

- Rent a McLaren in San Francisco

- Rent a a McLaren in San Diego

Whether you are heading to New York Fashion Week and want to arrive in style in a McLaren MP4-12C rental or you're looking to drive over the Golden Gate in an exotic McLaren 570s rental - at Exotic Rentals & Retreats we have the perfect McLaren available for you to rent no matter the occasion. Get in touch with one of our reservations managers today and begin planning your McLaren rental in the USA today.

Extensive McLaren Fleet

Renting an exotic car for a day, weekend or week seems like a dream to most - but it has never been as accessible as it is today. All you need is a drivers license, credit card and the willingness to experience true driving bliss. Renting a McLaren is something that should be on every car enthusiasts list. The McLaren MP4-12C for instance is something only dreams are made of. 600hp in a power-packed twin-turbo V8 creates a sensory overload in almost every way possible.

Our extensive fleet contains the following McLaren models:

- McLaren MP4-12C coupe rental 

- McLaren MP4-12C spider rental 

McLaren 570s coupe rental 

McLaren 570s Spider rental 

- McLaren 650s Coupe rental

- McLaren 650s Spider rental

- McLaren 675LT rental

- McLaren 720s rental

- *other models sourced on request

Get in contact with us today to reserve your next McLaren rental in any of our locations worldwide. 

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