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346KM/H (215MP/H)



Rent a Mclaren 720s with Exotic Rentals and Retreats!

Design Highlights

Want to turn impossible into possible? There may not be a better companion for you than the lighter, faster and stronger McLaren 720S. With its tempting technology and innovative framework design, this vehicle is all about pushing limits and accomplishing dreams. Enjoy the rigidity and lightness of the monolithic carbon-fiber tub which runs all the way to the roof of the car. The unique supercar design offers low-weight and high-strength passenger section so that the drivers and riders can enjoy thrilling, unparalleled driving experience. You can also enjoy exceptional aerodynamics and better driver’s seat protection. Moreover, the extended door apertures and the engine bay open into the roof! Prepare yourself to be captivated by the majestic opening and closing of doors in this twin-hinged dihedral door design bodywork which sweeps the doors into a forward direction to complement the car’s geometric design. Enter, sit and drive the McLaren 720s effortlessly.

Interior Styling

Although the interior contours retain the McLaren DNA, we can see a striking difference in their bolder design. The car’s design is said to be inspired by a Great White Shark. It means that you must prepare yourself for a beautifully sleek design that wraps a brutally efficient speed hunting machine inside! Sit in the teardrop-shaped cabin which is further adorned with slim pillars and outstanding glass canopy for a stellar day view and visibility.

Performance and Drivetrain

The car is bestridden with a powerful M840T engine which generates a power of 720PS. You can start the snarling twin-turbocharged V8 engine with just a push of a button to maximize speed and performance without impeding fuel efficiency.


  • McLaren 720s Base trim

  • McLaren 720S Luxury

  • McLaren 720s Performance

If there was one exotic car rental you could choose in your lifetime - after driving the McLaren 720s and comparing it to other super sports car rentals - it would almost always come out on top. Call us today to book your drive in this one of a kind exotic sports car rental and never look back. Due to the rarity of this vehicle it is only available in a few of our major cities world-wide.

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