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By Christopher Andrews | November, 2019

"Das beste oder nichts" - directly translated is "The best or nothing". This is Mercedes Benz's slogan and it is quite apparent to see why. Mercedes Benz's name is synonymous with the very best auto-manufacturers in the world. They produce some of the best sports cars, incredibly luxurious sedans and SUV's for decades and more recently they have dominated Formula1 racing - winning both the Drivers' and Constructors' Championship in each of the last 6 seasons. They're revolutionary. Even their logo symbolizes the companies' drive towards dominating universal motorization on land, sea, and air. Yes, Mercedes Benz wants to take over the world and we believe it's possible. Although the name Mercedes first came about in 1926 - it's origins trace back to 1886 and Karl Benz's patent of the first-ever petrol-powered car. The company holds its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany and was the worlds best-selling luxury vehicle manufacturer with 2.31 million passenger cars sold worldwide. So, if you're going to rent a Luxury Car - you may as well rent a Mercedes Benz. Exotic Rentals & Retreats has most of the latest model Mercedes rentals available in the market and prides its self on offering unrivaled customer experience. Rent a Mercedes with Exotic Rentals & Retreats for your next trip to Europe, The UAE or The USA.

Rent a Mercedes in Europe

Rent a Mercedes in Europe no matter the occasion. Traveling to Italy with a large group? Rent a Mercedes V Class in Italy - this premium luxury 6 seater Mercedes built diesel powered van will not only get you further but it will get you there in style. Looking for something more sporty but still as Luxurious? Rent a Mercedes S Class in Milan and hit the famous Corso Vittorio Emanuele II street for some shopping at some of Italy's most famed designer stores. Looking to push an exotic car rental to the limit? Fly in to Munich and rent a Mercedes AMG GT Brabus 600 edition. This limited edition beast pushes over 600HP and has the power to reach a top speed of a whopping 325km/h. Whether it's family fun, business or one of our custom

European driving tours let one of our Mercedes rentals in Europe offer you an incredible mixture of Sport, Style and Comfort from any city in any of our following European locations. 

- Mercedes rental in Italy

- Mercedes rental in Germany 

- Mercedes rental in in Spain 

- Mercedes rental in France

- Mercedes rental in Hungary

- Mercedes rental in Slovenia

- Mercedes rental in Greece

- Mercedes rental in Croatia

Mercedes rental in London

Our Luxury Car Rental service is second to none and we will leave no stone unturned when servicing you as a client. Pick up and drop off locations can be done in any major cities across Europe on your command.

Mercedes Rental in the UAE

Rent a Mercedes in the UAE and fit right in. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are names that are synonymous with luxury - so renting a Mercedes should be the perfect activity when visiting these fine Arabian nations. Rent a Mercedes S Class with a driver to take you to all the best destinations that Dubai has to offer or rent the Mercedes G63 AMG and tear up the desert. The G-Wagon as some may know it bares a 6.3L V8 engine and turns heads wherever you may go. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are hotspots for international jet-setters, shopping lovers and car enthusiasts alike. Due to this, luxury car rental in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is in high demand. This is also partly due to the accessibility of the vehicles due to the abundance of wealth in the UAE as well as the luxury car rental insurance laws and mileage restrictions compared to that of Europe luxury car rentals for instance. Enquire now to rent a Mercedes from one of the following locations in the UAE

- Mercedes rental in Dubai

- Mercedes rental in Abu Dhabi  

Exclusive Driving Tours in Europe

Exotic Rentals & Retreats specializes in custom tailored driving experiences throughout Europe whether thats a one day Mercedes driving experience in Germany with just you and your partner or a 5 day European Driving adventure through some of Europe's most iconic roads with 5 of your best friends. Our Exclusive driving tours cater to driving enthusiasts, 50th birthday parties, business incentive trips or simply ticking off that bucket list goal of driving an exotic sports car through Europe. Driving tours start in any major cities throughout Europe and can be as customized as you wish. Contact our driving tour specialists to find out how you can plan your once in a lifetime European driving tour with Exotic Rentals & Retreats.

Rent a Mercedes in the USA

 Rent a Mercedes in the USA and feel the sleek European feel of their premium German design and state of the art engineering. Looking for a Luxury Car Rental from LAX airport? Rent the new AMG GT 63S. This sleek 4 door supercar is powered by a 4.0L V8 Biturbo, produces 630 HP and can reach 0 to 60 MPH in 3.1 seconds. Perhaps you want to enjoy the California sun and roam around Beverly Hills in a Luxury Car Rental - Rent a brand new Mercedes S560 convertible from our Beverly Hills Luxury Car Rental Location. This V8 beast is Powered by a 4.0L Twin Turbo engine with a 9 speed automatic transmission, the S560 produces 463 HP and can reach 0 to 60 MPH in 4.5 seconds. Whether it's business or pleasure at Exotic Rentals & Retreats we currently have access to the latest range of Mercedes Benz models available for rental in the following locations:

- Rent a Mercedes in New York

- Rent a Mercedes in Los Angeles

- Rent a Mercedes in San Francisco

- Rent a Mercedes in Las Vegas

 Get in touch with one of our highly knowledgable reservations manager today and begin planning your next Mercedes rental in the USA.

Extensive Mercedes Fleet

 Not sure what to choose? Our experienced staff at Exotic Rentals & Retreats will be able to help you choose the perfect Mercedes rental vehicle no matter the circumstances. Renting a Luxury Car can be a difficult decision for some - choosing the right supplier and making the right choice of vehicle are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. Our specialist reservations manager will take your entire trip into account when helping you decide which vehicle fits best. Our Mercedes rental fleet showcases the diversity of the Mercedes luxury and performance vehicle selection. Our extensive fleet contains the following Mercedes' available for short and long term rental :

- Mercedes C Class Cabrio rental

- Mercedes C63 AMG rental

- Mercedes C63 AMG Cabrio rental

- Mercedes E Class Cabrio rental

- Mercedes S63 AMG rental

- Mercedes S65 AMG rental

- Mercede S500 AMG rental

- Mercedes S550 AMG cabrio rental

- Mercedes S560 AMG cabrio rental

- Mercedes AMG GT63 rental

- Mercedes AMG GTS rental

- Mercedes AMG GTS Roadster rental

- Mercedes G63 AMG rental

- Mercedes AMG GTS Brabus 600

- Mercedes GLE AMG rental

- Mercedes Maybach rental 

- Mercedes G550 rental

- Mercedes S Class rental

- Mercedes V Class rental 

*other models available on request

Get in contact with us today to reserve your next Mercedes rental in any of our locations worldwide. 

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