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5 of the best driving roads in Europe

This week we take a look at 5 of the best driving roads in Europe. Known for its summer vacations and winter getaways, Europe plays host to some of the most outstanding driving roads imaginable - and the team at Exotic Rentals & Retreats knows exactly how to scrape out every last inch of adrenaline with their custom driving tours in Europe.

1. Route Napoleon "the best road in the South of France"

While there is much to say about the seaside views in the South of France, the rolling hills of Provence and incredible cliffs of Normandy - not much compares to driving an exotic car down the extravagant gorges and turquoise rivers that you will witness when driving the route Napoleon in the South of France. Start your trip from the French Riviera town of Nice and end in the foothills of the alps.

Suggested vehicles:

Route Napoleon

2. Furka Pass - "One of Switzerland's natural wonders"

One of the highest roads in Europe - Furka pass is truly one of the most scenic drives in the world. Set high up in the Swiss alps - the pass connects the towns of Gletsh in Valais with the town of Realp in Uri. Some might remember the legendary car chase in James Bond: Goldfinger featuring an Aston Martin DB5 and a Ford Mustang, which was filmed on the majestic Furka Pass. The route also connects/is nearby a few other iconic mountain passes such as Grimsel Pass and Nufenen Pass. We suggest driving this route in Summer as it can get tricky in cold and wet conditions.

Suggested vehicles:

Furka Pass

3. Grossglockner - Austria "The cleanest road in Europe"

Located in the Eastern Alps - the Grossglockner high alpine road is another scenic masterpiece for any driving enthusiast. With incredible sweeping corners and picturesque Austrian landscapes coupled with an extremely well looked after surface - this is one of our favorite routes in the Austrian Alps. With 37 mountains and 36 hairpins, the Grossglockner is a test of both skill and discipline. Take your eyes off the road for too long to look at the views and you'll be in for a (not so pleasant) surprise.

Suggested vehicles:

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

4. Stelvio Pass - Italy "Not the prettiest but certainly the most dramatic"

Stelvio pass has been hailed as one of the best driving roads in Europe for years, and there's no denying that this route is simply superb - when the conditions are right. Luckily we've done the hard work already and have some tips for having the ultimate experience when driving the Stelvio Pass. The first tip is to arrive early. Due to the popularity of the pass, it also means it can get extremely busy during peak season - there's nothing worse than being stuck behind a Fiat Punto when you're in a Ferrari Portofino.

Our 2nd tip is to make sure you start the pass from the north-west side of the mountain. This is the only way you'll be able to experience Stelvio's iconic wall of switchbacks. This way you'll be able to drive through the heart of the Stelvio National park before beginning the ascent. Heading up the 48 hairpin bends is a complete thrill - be sure to maintain your focus.

Suggested vehicles:

Stelvio Pass

5. Hochstrasse / Black forest - "Baden Baden - so nice they named it twice"

The Black Forrest contains some of the most spectacularly smooth driving roads in Europe. One of the best is the northern region of the elevated Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, route 500. With sweeping turns and dramatic scenery - the route has somewhat of a racetrack feel at times. We suggest starting in Knibes & finishing in Baden Baden - and then doing it all over again. Leave early enough to avoid traffic (the route is a pretty major road in forest standards) but ensure you have enough time to take in the various viewpoints and belvederes - the views of the Upper Rhine Valley and the Vosges of France are spectacular from all angles.

Suggested vehicles:

Black Forest

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