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Bentley Continental GTC

Rent a Bentley Continental GTC with Exotic Rentals & Retreats!

Design Highlights

Who doesn’t love a car that exudes confidence and appeal on the road? The finely cut crystal-effect LED headlamps and unique tail lamps which give an impression of gemstones are promised to turn heads wherever you take this luxurious convertible. Since Bentley focuses on adding luxury wherever possible, the Continental GTC is not in a single way lacking luxury. From the four layers of insulation on the roof to a myriad of choices available for interior fabric, for first-time buyers, the Bentley can be customized as much as you wish - not to worry if you aren't a buyer - you'll enjoy the class of this vehicle whether you drive it once or a million times.

Interior Styling

The handcrafted veneer sweeps across the fascia of the car all the way into the doors. The veneer’s fine details wrap the front passenger and driver seat to add emphasis on luxury. Furthermore, the seamless roof is down and can be customized into a Tweed roof. You can also stand in awe of the diamond knurling and dual veneers which are used to add beauty to the Bentley's rotating display.

Performance and Drivetrain

The Continental GTC is bestridden with either a 4.0-liter V8 or a magnificent 12-cylinder 6.0-liter engine. You get to drive around to your dullest with the help of 8 speed dual cultch transmission which provides for quicker and smoother gear shifts. The car can reach a top speed of 314 km/h.


  • Bentley Continental GTC V8 Convertible

  • Bentley Continental GTC V8 S Convertible

  • Bentley Continental GTC W12 Convertible

  • Bentley Continental GTC SPEED Convertible

  • Bentley Continental GTC SUPERSPORTS Convertible

The Bentley Continental GTC is one of our most popular larger convertible luxury car rentals and is available for short and long term rentals in most major cities worldwide. Contact Exotic Rentals & Retreats to get your free luxury car rental quotation.

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