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Exotic Car Of The Week - 001

In the first edition of our weekly exotic/luxury car review series, we take a look at the iconic Audi R8. An icon every since it first appeared at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show and the Frankfurt International Motor Show of the same year, the R8 was looked at as somewhat of 'the car of the future' - until the future was here.

Design Highlights

Take the reign of a true sports-car with this limelight worthy vehicle. With its standard LED lights and laser light 20-inch wheels, the Audi R8 is promised to turn heads wherever it goes. Furthermore, The vehicle has a much sharper look that features a wider front grille, fine oval-shaped exhaust outlets. Improved side skirts and rear bumpers as well as a dramatic arrangement of dark headlights and innovative taillights.

Interior Styling

Experience the true feel of a race car driver the second you step inside the monoposto arc-shaped cockpit of the Audi R8. The supercar is tested to stand the challenges of fast race tracks which is why it represents only the right amount of infotainment features on the dashboard - The minute you take over the multifunctional steering wheel, you can feel your racing spirit unleash. Satellite controls and shift paddles are all the interior design elements that make the R8 even sweeter. Let the bespoke Audi designed interior wrap you in comfort as you tear up the asphalt from the moment you start the engine.

Audi R8 Interior


Take a deep breath and fasten your seatbelt as the Audi R8 is designed to be as breathtaking and thrilling as possible with both its V8 and V10 mid-engine design. The supercar has a perfect balance due to its thoroughly positioned center of gravity to complement the dynamic exterior design. The engine can generate a stunning 562 bhp (up to 602 bhp based on the trims) and is sure to give you a thrill every time you switch the ignition. (did we mention the Audi R8 V10 has the same naturally aspirated V10 engine as the Lamborghini Huracan?)


  • 5.2 Rear-wheel Drive Coupe

  • 5.2 All-wheel Drive quattro Coupe

  • 5.2 All-wheel Drive quattro Spyder

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