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Exotic Car Of The Week - 005

Updated: May 25, 2020

In our fifth edition of Exotic Rentals & Retreats' exotic car of the week series we take a look at the Maserati GranCabrio. Though the famous Italian manufacturer may seem somewhat underrated, the Ferrari-powered Maserati packs a heavy punch. The GranCabrio is a glorious four seater, with enough space for adults in the rear. Ferrari has powered the GranCabrio's 4.7-liter V8 engine for some time and will stop manufacturing engines for the company in 2021/2022

Design Highlights

For all the true tech-enthusiasts out there, the Maserati GranCabrio is nothing less than the long-anticipated sweet treat you’re looking for for your next luxury car rental. You get to enjoy an all-new infotainment system featuring an HD 8.4” Maserati Touch Control Plus unit which offers intuitive and quick access to multiple car functions like navigation, audio controls, and comfort controls. You can also enjoy a super-cool central rotary controller console which is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Smartphone mirroring functionality.

Another interesting thing about the MTC+ is that it can be controlled in three ways:

  • Manual controls via touch screen

  • Manual controls via rotary central controller console

  • Voice controls via Siri Voice command

Interior Styling

Enjoy superior passenger and driver experience in the most convenient and comfortable Maserati ever made. With its folding front armrest and cruise control features, this sportscar’s interior is all about sophistication, comfort, and top-class technology. You can also control the dual-zone climate functions, enjoy automatic headlight activation, and remotely open the doors and boot lids. Moreover, the interior is laden with an array of passenger and driver safety controls. Not to mention its slick Italian hand-stitched leather finishings

Performance and Drivetrain

Experience the true zest of driving with this super car which has a Ferrari-built 4.7-liter V8 engine which develops torque and a maximum power of 520Nm and 460hp respectively.

This is coupled to the rather wonderful six-speed ZF automatic gearbox (also used by Jaguar) which here feels especially responsive and smooth-acting, suggesting it has the very latest software.


  • Maserati GranCabrio Base Model

  • Maserati GranCabrio SPORT

  • Maserati GranCabrio MC

Exotic Rentals & Retreats specializes in luxury & exotic car rental services across most major cities worldwide. Contact us today by visiting to book your seat in the Maserati GranCabrio rental for your next driving adventure. Rent a Porsche today and discover what all the hype is about, you won't be disappointed.

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