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Exotic Car Of The Week - 009

This week we take a look at the facelift of the Mercedes AMG GT Family, the Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster. The facelift on the new AMG GT C Roadster makes an already attractive vehicle even more appealing, with the exterior design further developed with updated headlamps, taillights, rear diffuser, and all-new wheel designs to further enhance the sporty character of this Mercedes masterpiece. With the AMG GT C, you no longer get the gullwing doors that the SLS AMG offered but what you do get is a whole lot more vehicle.

Exotic Rentals & Retreats recently took the new AMG GT C out for a test drive and boy, was it pretty... and fast!

Design Highlights

If you are a sucker for long-hood proportions that stay true to the clarity of a roadster’s purpose, the AMG-GT C Roadster is the perfect supercar for you. The car has a vertical bar grille and a slick design that turns heads wherever it goes. Mercedes has put a lot of thought into the aerodynamics of the car as it is evident from the strategic brilliance which has been implemented to control the airflow over, into, and under the AMG-GT C Roadster. The car is surely designed to test limits whether you take it out on the road, track or simply have it parked in your driveway.

Interior Styling

Experience the lasting comfort of sport-friendly seats which offer maximum convenience to passengers and drivers alike. The V on the side console homes colorful display buttons so you can control the cabin features as per your desire. The Mercedes AMG GT series' cabin is one of its signature features, you're seated low with only the steering wheel in front of you giving you the essence of a true racecar. The infotainment system in the AMG GT C is one of the better ones out there and has a very slick design compared to many other vehicles in the same category. Storage is slightly limited due to the gearbox being mounted directly below the boots floor - but who needs storage anyways.

Performance and Drivetrain

Witness the might of handcrafted AMG engine in the form of a bi-turbo V8 carefully placed beneath the hood of the car. The engine has a dry-sump design that enables lower engine mounting as well as smoother oil supply. The AMG GT C roadsters V8 bi-turbo engines are extremely impressive and hold themselves true right up to the 7,000rpm redline. The muscular engine of the AMG GTC is capable of generating a stunning 550-hp. You also get to enjoy the AMG ride control which offers 3-stage damping for better suspension and throttle. If that's not enough to tickle your fancy then the RACE START feature will add to an even more emotional driving experience with increased starting speeds as well as sensitive wheel slip control. In short - the Mercedes AMG GT C offers pure, unfiltered power, at all times.


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  • AMG GT C Roadster

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