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Exotic Car Of The Week - 015

In this week's 'Exotic Car Of The Week' series, we take a look at the latest mid-engine V8 release from our friends down in Maranello - the Ferrari F8 Tributo. The F8 Tributo is powered by arguably the greatest V8 supercar engine of the last 20 years. The F8 is a bit more 'user friendly' than the 488 Pista and has been produced with design elements from Ferrari's GT and Challenge Race Cars. With Ferrari looking to downsize their engines to a V6 in the near future the F8 is nothing less than a spectacular send-off to the iconic 3.9-liter V8 stallion that has tickled our hearts since the 308 GTB first took the stage in 1975.

Design and Styling

It is incredible to witness a Ferrari as beautiful as the new F8 Tributo. As the name indicates, the F8 Tributo is a tribute to the older mid-engined V8's produced by the famous Italian manufacturer. The F8 replaces the 488 GTB in the production line, as did the 488 GTB replace the Ferrari 458. With Ferrari looking to phase out their V8 engines this could yet be the final tribute to their incredible mid-engined V8 sports cars as we know them. The enhanced and evocative styling may resemble the 488 GTB in many ways, however, there are a few striking design elements that set it apart. From the classic four round taillights and a lowered rear window, the Ferrari F8 Tributo car is a spectacular specimen to witness on the open road.

Interior Highlights

From the inside, the F8 is very driver-centric which is visible from the dashboard which offers an amalgamation of the traditional switch gears, the premium swathes, a 7.0-inch passenger touch screen, and digital displays, not to mention a more comfortable driving position. The two-seat cabin boasts a flat-bottom steering wheel which is smaller in diameter and a pair of paddle shifters which provide a similar backdrop as the 488 GTB.

Engine and Performance

Ferraris are mostly, if not all, about their engine performance and this model is no different. You can enjoy the stunning performance of the Italian exotic 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that is capable of generating 710 bhp and 568 lb-ft of torque. The iconic V8 engine that has been the staple of many of our favorite Ferrari's of this generation (F430, 458, 488) will soon be replaced by a newly designed V6 that Ferrari is currently working on - so if you get the chance to drive one of these soon to 'classic supercars' please - be our guest.

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