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Exotic Car Of The Week - 019

This week in our 'Exotic Car Of The Week' series we take a look at the exquisite Rolls Royce Dawn. Although you can't quite label it an 'Exotic' car - the Rolls Royce Dawn is as luxurious as you can get when it comes to the world of luxury cars. According to the Dawn's designer - Giles Taylor, the objective of the open-top Wraith was to make the occupants of the vehicle 'look like rockstars' - and it does just that. From the moment you sit in the vehicle, it makes you feel like you are in some sort of music video - similar to what a yacht is to the ocean, the Rolls Royce Dawn is to the open road.

Design Highlights

As the name indicates, the Rolls Royce Dawn harbingers a new era in the world of luxury vehicles. The Dawn has exquisite design details and lovely accents that are visible from every inch of the vehicle. The sheet metal meticulously scoops and curves around the various edges and surfaces of the car to impart a sleek look. It would not be wrong to label this car as the most sensual Rolls Royce of all time.

Interior Styling

For those of you who like to enjoy luxurious yet comfortable cabins, the Rolls Royce Dawn has the most interesting lineup of features. The rear-hinged doors enable spacious rear passenger seats which can accommodate 4 adult passengers easily. The butter-soft leather upholstery covers the acres and acres of the seats and is designed to offer maximum style and comfort. As far as front seats are concerned, the Dawn obviously has massage front seats which are covered in the finest leather. The floor mats are made from lamb’s wool and carefully wrap the toes of the passengers. The dawn exudes luxury in every way imaginable.

Engine and Performance

Rule the roads with the stunning performance of a 6.6-litre V12 twin-turbocharged Rolls-Royce engine that is capable of generating an impressive 563hp which pushed through its rear wheels by an eight-speed fully automatic gearbox. The car cuts the air gracefully at different angles, thus, you can enjoy the most confident driving experience ever.


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