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Exotic Car Of The Week - 038

In this weeks 'Exotic Car Of The Week' edition, we take a look at the remarkable Tesla Model X. The Model X was first unveiled as a prototype back in 2012 and full production models started shipping to the public in September 2015. 5 years on and the vehicle has taken the Electric Vehicle world by storm. Not only is the Model X as fast as many major sports cars - but it's also stylish, innovative, and incredibly comfortable. Exotic Rentals & Retreats is proud to offer the Tesla Model X rental across major cities in Europe, The UAE, and the USA.

Design Highlights

Safety is no longer a concern with the Tesla Model X SUV. The car is labeled as one of the safest SUVs in the automotive world, thanks to its rigid chassis, restrained battery technology, large crumple zones, and low center of gravity that minimizes the probability of serious occupant injuries during an accident. The 7 seater SUV features cutting-edge Falcon Wing Doors which improve the accessibility to back rows even when the car is parked in cramped up parking spaces. Enjoy more storage space and utility as the Tesla Model X SUV offers 88 cubic feet of cargo space.

Interior Styling

As you step inside the Tesla Model X, you get to experience a convenient and satisfying interior laden with best-in-class, comfortable seating, a 17-inch touchscreen, and a 7-seater configuration. The standard fold-flat seats are ideal for maximizing the cargo space on the go!

Engine and Performance

The Tesla Model X is an all-electric SUV offering 5-star safety and matchless performance despite the outer weather conditions. The dual-motor, all-wheel-drive of the Tesla Model X makes it an ideal fit for on-road practicality as well as off-road excursions. The adaptive air suspension supports the quickest SUV acceleration that enables the car to reach from 0-62 mph (100km/h) in only 3.1 seconds. (2.6 seconds in ludicrous mode) It has a range of 351 miles (565 kilometers) per full charge which is more than enough for most inner-city/suburban driving.


  • Tesla Model X Standard Range

  • Tesla Model X 75D

  • Tesla Model X Long Range

  • Tesla Model X Base Model

  • Tesla Model X 100D

  • Tesla Model X Performance

  • Tesla Model X P100D

Exotic Rentals & Retreats specializes in luxury & exotic car rental services across most major cities worldwide. Contact us today by visiting for your next driving adventure. Rent a Tesla and take advantage of all that the legendary all-electric automaker has to offer with their incredibly innovative electric vehicles.

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