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Exotic Car Of The Week - 039

In this weeks' 'Exotic Car Of The Week' series, we take a look at a slightly older model yet still highly significant player in the world of supercars. The McLaren MP4-12C - now known as the MP4 was the first-ever production supercar designed and built entirely by McLaren. The MP4-12C was first unveiled by McLaren in September 2009 and was made available for purchase in mid-2011 by the iconic British brand. The MP4 was discontinued in 2014 and succeeded by the McLaren 650s. Exotic Rentals & Retreats has a limited number of the revolutionary McLaren MP4 in select locations world-wide.

Design Highlights

Dive into a world of sublime design and meticulously crafted styling with the ground-breaking McLaren MP4-12C. Hailed as the catalyst of the new design language in the automotive world, this Formula 1 inspired supercar is all about top-class engineering and revolutionary aerodynamics. Whether you take this car out on the road or get the chance to put it to the test on the track, the McLaren will give you something to write home about - this we can guarantee. Oh, and did we mention dihedral doors?

Interior Styling

Witness a world of luxury as you sit in the meticulously designed cabin of the McLaren MP4-12C. Laden with intelligent craftsmanship and exceptional materials, this car is a true representation of hand-built elegance. From its precise alignment and world-class Formula 1 technology to the panoramic road view and meticulous design details, the MP4 is one of the most driver-friendly vehicles you will ever drive in your life. The interior is fitted with an ISG infotainment and aural entertainment system. Allowing the driver the feature of being able to adjust the engine noise from a feeble background note to an intimidating snarl with just the touch of a button.

Performance and Drivetrain

The MP4-12C is bestridden with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine which boasts a stunning capacity of 3,799cc / 616HP and can reach a maximum speed of 207mph (333km/h) respectively. The McLaren built engine is powered by a 7 speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox - dubbed 'the seamless gearbox'.


Exotic Rentals & Retreats specializes in luxury & exotic car rental services across most major cities worldwide. Contact us today by visiting to book your seat in the McLaren MP4-12C rental for your next driving adventure. Rent a McLaren MP4 and take advantage of all that the McLaren Sports Series has to offer.

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