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Mercedes AMG-GT Brabus 600 Edition

The Mercedes AMG-GT Brabus 600 is a vehicle that doesn't need much explaining. With it's iconic shape and gorgeous curves it'll keep you on your toes whether you are in the drivers seat or simply admiring its beauty.

Design Highlights

The world of Mercedes has welcomed a bespoke Brabus production model in the form of Mercedes AMG GT Brabus 600. This car boasts some stunning style elements – all of which are coated in clear high-gloss finishing so as to add as much visual appeal to the car as possible. The AMG-GT Brabus 600's bodywork is nothing less than a masterpiece. It's sculpted and well-defined carbon fiber chassis and aerodynamic design make this vehicle stand out from the rest. Apart from the optimized aerodynamics, this car is all about captivating its spectators with its superior looks.

Interior Styling

Who knew that sitting inside a car could be this cool? The Brabus 600 door sills are made from carbon-fiber and sport bad-ass red and white lighting. Experience better driver paddle ergonomics as Brabus has reshaped the aluminum pedals for a superior driving experience. You also get that premium leather upholstery which carefully wraps the interior of the car while retaining its peppy element.

Performance and Drivetrain

Want to experience true power? Drive around in the bespoke Brabus 600 which is bestridden with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The car is capable of producing a stunning 600 hp (hence the name) and a torque of 6,400 rpm. You will also experience the new engine management system which is mainly designed to streamline the ignition and bump the power boost via increasing pressure. You'll be able to comfortably reach top speeds as high as 201 mp/h (323 km/h) with this state of the art supercar.


The Mercedes AMG-GT Brabus 600 is available exclusively from Exotic Rentals & Retreats' offices in Munich, Germany for short and long term rentals throughout Europe. In order to see a full list of Mercedes models available in an office near you click here

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