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Mercedes S65 AMG Sedan

The new Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Sedan represents the creme de la creme if you are in the market for a large luxury car. The vehicle exhilarating power with sophisticated athleticism to match. Read on to explore Exotic Rentals & Retreats' exclusive review of this V12 monster.

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Design Highlights

Did someone ask for bespoke aerodynamic performance? If yes, today may be your lucky day as this swooping car body perfectly wraps a premium interior. The Mercedes S65 AMG Sedan has massive air intakes at the front and quad-exit exhausts to channel air in all the right directions.

Interior Styling

There is not greater love a true Sedan lover ever feels than his love for a comfortable, classy and luxurious interior. With that being said, be informed by the fact that Mercedes S65 AMG Sedan is renowned for its opulent interior which features a premium lineup of hot stone massage seats which are further enhanced by the sculpted backs for maximum lumbar support. The vehicle also comes standard with cabin air purification along with a fragrance dispersal system within the cabin. The dashboard is flowy and complements the grandeur of a prestigious Mercedes-Benz steering wheel.

Performance and Drivetrain

Savor the perks of hand-crafted performance luxury as the Mercedes S65 AMG Sedan boasts a truly remarkable, handmade engine and powertrain. The car is bestridden with a V12 biturbo engine which is capable of generating a stunning power of 621 hp. Such magnanimous power is a sure-fire way to catapult you into a world of thrilling performance and breathtaking driving experience. The hand-crafted engine adds to the magic and might of this Sedan which remains unparalleled through all the years.


AMG S65 Sedan

AMG S65 Coupe

AMG S65 Cabriolet

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