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Welcome to the future of luxury and exotic travel.

Our dedication to service will ensure you have the most exhilarating and fulfilling experience that you've ever dreamed of. From custom driving tours in the Swiss alps to rallying in the Arabian desert there is no automotive adventure too big that we can wrap our (gear) heads around.

At Exotic Rentals & Retreats we place a firm emphasis on quality customer service no matter the task. Gone are the days where renting your favorite supercar or traveling to your dream destination comes with an enormous amount of stress. From dealing with numerous intermediaries to being let down at the last minute - we know all too well how profit-driven travel agencies will talk the talk but far from walk the walk. At Exotic Rentals & Retreats we guarantee only the very best products and service. Our agents will go out of their way to make sure your trip surpasses your wildest dreams - that is our promise to you.

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The latest luxury and exotic car rentals on the market at the best rates guaranteed (seriously - find a better rate and we will beat it or offer better terms)

Whether you are looking to test drive the latest Lamborghini or Ferrari in Italy or planning a surprise 50th birthday driving retreat in the Alps, we have the perfect driving solutions to fit any style and budget. Our car-crazy booking agents will help you tailor your trip so that you get the very best out of your exotic car rental or bespoke driving retreat.

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Extensive luxury and supercar hire fleet

With trusted partners throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East we are proud to offer an extensive fleet of over 150 luxury and exotic car rental options worldwide. Our vehicles will always be delivered in pristine condition with a full tank of gas and the necessary information in order for you to have the most incredible day possible. Get in touch with us via our website for all of your exotic & luxury travel needs. Your thrill is our desire.

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