• Christopher Andrews

The evolution of Ferrari

Ever since the production of its first Ferrari 125 S, the automaker has launched some of the breathtaking models to stun the automotive world. Here is a look at the Ferrari Evolution.

Ferrari is liked by many but loved by few. As surprising as this statement may sound, it holds true in most of the cases given the fact that only a handful of people know about the historic Ferrari Evolution. Undoubtedly, the automaker changed the face of automotive world with its first ever release in 1947. Ever since Ferrari launched the 125 S, the automaker has preserved its signature element of performance in all its releases. To set the initial hallmark for performance, the 125 S was bestridden with 1.49 liter V12 Engine.

So, how exactly did Ferrari come this far? Here is a quick look at the impressive Ferrari Evolution

1947 Ferrari 125s

Ferrari in the 1960’s

Soon after the release of its first model, the automaker immediately impressed the consumer and manufacturing personnel alike. Moving on in the history came the period of 1960s marked with the release of two breathtaking cars – the GTO California and the Dino 246 GT. These two cars were more focused on performance than anything else as it is evident from the 300 hp generated from the 3-litre engine of GTO California. As far as Dino 246 GT is concerned, it was the first ever Ferrari to carry a V6 engine as well as the Ferrari logo on the single car seaters.

1964 Ferrari GT California Spyder

Ferrari in the 1980’s and 1990’s

During this period, automotive brand bore the ebb and flow of a tumultuous market which were equally born by the founder of Ferrari – Enzo Ferrari. However, the automaker managed to launch some of its iconic cars such as the Testarosa (1984), the 288 GTO, the F40 and the F50. Ferrari collected a hoard of racing awards until Enzo Ferrari passed away in 1988 after creating his final car – the Ferrari F40. The 1990’s were tougher for the brand as the brand’s collectible of awards dwindled to only two titles following the passing of its founder.