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Visit Tulum, Mexico

Found 90 minutes south of Cancun is Tulum, Yucatan Peninsula's hottest spot and a vibrant tourist town whose 1,000-year-old ruins attract adventurers from all over the world. It is an ancient Columbian city, found on a 12-meter cliff – one of the last Mayan towns.

This little, ultra-chic town’s spectacular coastline, along with its beautiful beaches and charismatic locals, rightly makes it among Mexico’s huge tourist destinations. Visit the sizzling hot yoga town and experience the town’s contemporary vibe fused with the ancient Mayan influence whose strong bond with the locals is still evident.

Whether you are here for a reinvigorating yoga session at one of our exclusive retreats, tacos at any jungle-veiled food stall or just soak up the heat at the beach, a visit to Tulum is simply unforgettable. For a different dose of thrill, go on a diving expedition or visit the incredible cenotes and explore the little-known part of the town or, pueblo. The fact that Tulum is Mexico’s most stylish beach getaway, especially with its now-rare jungle-meets-beach vibe means you’ve got a perfect summer vacation destination. It is calm and perfectly the right spot to relax and unwind, only a few hours flight from most major US airports and an overnight flight from Europe.

The breathtaking stretch of beauty that is the Tulum beach is laid-back and a lot different from any beach you’ve visited before. It is not crowded and chaotic like ordinary Mexican beaches and with the jungle nearby, the whole stay is simply magical.

Spend the day at one of the many cheap eateries, munching on the fresh, tasty seafood. Fish tacos are a huge favorite and it goes well with the calm, casual vibe of this tiny town. You could also visit the Mayan ruins and explore the fascinating builds and centuries-old treasures of the enterprising Mayan people.

Tulum, for health and wellness, yoga and spirituality adherent is incredible. A little yoga session at the beach, especially with the cool sea breeze and the serenity of the coastline, is heavenly. So popular amongst yoga lovers is Tulum that, oceanfront yoga studios designed with glass doors overlooking the sea, fill up pretty quickly. Exotic Rentals & Retreats can create your entire itinerary for you to take the guesswork out of it. From the best places to eat - right down to where you'll be working out or practicing your yoga.

Top must-sees in Tulum are vast and diverse. Apart from the Tulum Ruins, there’s the magnificent contemporary-art gallery at Azulik resort, where one walks barefoot to feel the grandeur of the polished concrete and bejuco floor. It is a dreamlike exhibition space where tourists get to view all of Tulum's natural elements in one place.

If you’d love to see some eerie creatures like giant land crabs, spiders, howler monkeys and lots of other animals, plus over 300 bird species, head 10km south to Reserva de la Biosfera Sian Ka'an. Intrepid tourists are welcome to camp in the large reserve too, although hiking is strictly prohibited.

Other attractions in Tulum include the largest structure in Tulum – El Castillo, a mystical structure called Estructura 25, and the 2-story Templo de las Pinturas that has some of the finest paintings and decorations of the years gone by. The surrounding cenotes are not to be missed whether you're swimming or on a scuba diving retreat.

One of the greatest reasons why Tulum continues to attract vacationers in thousands is how the local community welcomes them. Whether one is a Yoga fanatic, a curious lover of the Mayan rituals or a vegan eager to sample the local delicacies, the locals are ever enthusiastic. In this glorious playground of a tropical lover, everyone is at home.

Exotic Rentals & Retreats creates bespoke tour packages for those of you who would like to discover Tulum in an authentic, curated way. Whether that's a 3 day getaway from New York City or a two-week retreat focussed on health & wellness we have you covered

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