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Hire a luxury car in San Francisco and hit the Golden Gate Bridge in style
By Joe Mayer | 10, 2020

Based in Northern California - San Francisco is known for its tech, architecture, steep rolling hills, pleasant summer weather, and famous landmarks, including the Golden gate bridge, the former Alcatraz Federal prison, and its Fishermans wharf - But this is not what we come to San Francisco for. We come here to take in the vast beauty of Northern California and its incredible roads that lead to some of the most incredible viewpoints you'll ever have the pleasure of seeing - better yet you'll be able to do it all thanks to our luxury car hire San Francisco services.

Hire a convertible in San Francisco and drive the highway 1 to Santa Cruz

California's Highway 1 makes for one of the most scenic drives in the pacific northwest. The 60 miles between San Francisco and Santa Cruz offer some of the very best views along this route. Fasten your seatbelt in a San Francisco supercar hire and leave the congestion of the bay area behind you. Take a pit stop in Half Moon Bay and Pescadero on the way down for a true NorCal experience.

Hire a Ferrari and visit the Golden Gate Bridge

If there was one thing that you would remember from your time in San Francisco - driving a brand new Ferrari hire over the Golden Gate bridge would probably be it - and it doesn't stop there. Once you've crossed the bridge north on 101, turn onto highway 1 and take the Panoramic Highway through to Stinson beach, carving your way through the panoramic skirts directly above the majestic Muir Woods - you won't be unimpressed.

A premium luxury car hire to fit any occasion

Whether you are heading to a gala event or doing a once way road trip down the pacific coast highway we have a perfect luxury or exotic car hire in San Francisco for you. From the phenomenal Rolls Royce Drophead to the Lamborghini Huracan Convertible - we have exotic and luxury car hire options fit for a king (or queen)

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to hire a Luxury Car in San Francisco?

In order to hire a luxury car in California, you have to be at least 21 years old and hold a full, valid driver's license. Driver's licenses in languages other than English will need to be accompanied by an international driver's license. Contact us today and we can guide you through the process of obtaining an international driving license step by step or if you have any questions regarding your luxury car hire in San Francisco.

Do I need to have insurance to hire a luxury car in San Francisco?

Yes. We require all renters to have a full-coverage auto insurance policy. However, some insurance policies may not adequately cover these expensive exotic cars. If your insurance will not adequately cover our cars, then our supplemental Insurance coverage will be required. Exotic Rentals & Retreats reserves the right to cancel reservation/rental to any customer we deem uninsured, underinsured, or otherwise unable to operate the car in a safe and legal manner, in such a situation the customer will not be charged. Get in touch with us and we will get working on your personalized luxury car rental quote right away. 

How much is the security deposit on a luxury car hire in San Francisco?

The security deposit for our luxury car hire vehicles depends on a few factors such as the personal insurance you hold, years of driving experience, etc. Generally speaking, security deposits will range from $2500 - $5000 for most luxury and exotic car hire vehicles. This amount will be held on your credit card 24 hours before the hire and released once you return the vehicle in the same conditions.

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