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Simple, service orientated sports car rentals with Exotic Rentals & Retreats

By Jessica Hounslow | 1, 2020
A road trip in a Sports Car should be on everyone's bucket list!

Ever wanted to drive a Sports car through Europe, The USA or The Middle East? Exotic Rentals & Retreats offers a complete bespoke service - from helping you choose your sports car rental, to working out your route and event delivery and collection of your car from a location of your choice. We have a wide variety of sports cars for rent in most major cities world-wide. See some of our popular brand below or pick you favorite brand here and let us take care of the rest.

Drive a Maserati in Europe, The USA or The UAE

Maserati make some of the best performing sports cars available in the sports car rental market today - many don't know this but Maserati's engines are produced by Ferrari. So in essence you're driving a Ferrari with more of a sporty edge than the ever exotic Ferrari's. Have a look at some our favorite Maserati Models below or click here to view all Maserati's available for rent.

Drive a Mercedes through Germany, France or Dubai

Mercedes is one of the most classic sports car rental brands. Their vehicles are made with utmost precision and they have been a tried and tested luxury automaker for many years. Mercedes drivers often never change their brand once they switch to the silver arrows. We currently have an extensive fleet of Mercedes vehicles in most major cities world-wide. Have a look at some of our popular models below or view all Mercedes rental options available by clicking here

Rent a BMW in Munich, San Francisco or Dubai

Remember that famous 'Beemer beats the Benz' ad - well some may believe it's true - you may want to find out for yourself. BMW is a brand synonymous with power and performance. 'The Ultimate Driving Machine' is what they refer to their vehicles as - and we can't disagree. Rent a BMW and hit the unbeaten path with Exotic Rentals & Retreats. See some of our favorites below or click here to view all models.

Don't see the Sports Car Rental you want? Don't stress!

Our fleet is constantly being updated and we have trusted partners who we work with to ensure you get the exact vehicle you want. Simply contact us or fill out our online quote form and one of our personal reservations agents will get in touch with you today. 

*Please note vehicles are subject to availability and cars are only guaranteed once your booking is confirmed

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