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Drive the best in Budapest: Luxury car rental in Hungary
By Joe Mayer | 10, 2019

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is a city full of vibrance and color. Sometimes referred to as the heart of Europe the city has one of the fastest developing urban economies in Europe and houses the institute of innovation and technology. Budapest is littered with festivals throughout the summer as well as many museums – one of the most noteworthy being the Museum of fine arts. Budapest is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe, with it’s picturesque landscape and 19th century architecture set along the Danube river. It’s no reason this is an incredible city to rent a luxury car in.

Luxury car rental in Budapest with Exotic Rentals & Retreats

Whether you are looking to rent a Mercedes S500 or Porsche Cayenne our luxury car rental Budapest services will not disappoint. Choose from a wide selection of luxury car rental options and make the most in this incredibly photogenic city. 

Rent a car in Budapest and explore this wonderful city

Whether you are traveling to Budapest for a summer holiday with your family or heading to this wonderful country for one of their many festivals there is no better way to do it than rent a luxury car in Budapest. Head to the Budapest chocolate factory or Buda hill and take in some of the sights and scenes of modern day hungary - and do it in style with a luxury car rental from Exotic Rentals & Retreats

Luxury SUV or Sports car rental in Budapest

Whether you are traveling to Budapest for business or pleasure our luxury car rental Budapest services will be able to provide you with the best and latest rental cars on the market. From the Mercedes GLE to the Rolls Royce Ghost or Lamborghini Huracan Spider rental. We have every Luxury Car Rental available to suit your needs.

Can you deliver to the Airport?

Yes. When making your booking you will specify with your personal reservations agent where it is that you would like the vehicle to be delivered. We service most major airports across Europe and we can also deliver to your hotel or any location you specify.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to rent a Luxury Car in Budapest?

If you are over the age of 25 and hold a full valid drivers license you are able to rent a luxury car in most of our locations in Europe. You will also require a credit card for security deposits and hold valid insurance in most locations. If you are from a country that does not speak english and your drivers license is not translated you will need to have an international driving permit. Contact us today and we can guide you through the process of obtaining an international driving permit step by step or if you have any questions regarding luxury car rental in Budapest.

Do I need insurance to rent a luxury car in Budapest?

All of our luxury car rental packages come with fully comprehensive insurance. A security deposit will be pre-authorized on your credit card for the duration of the rental and released once you return the vehicle.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit for our luxury car depends on a few factors such as the personal insurance you hold, years of driving experience etc. Generally speaking security deposits will range from €2500 - €5000 for most luxury and exotic car rentals. This amount will be held on your credit card 24 hours before the rental and released once you return the vehicle in the same conditions.

Planning a road trip in Europe?

Road tripping through Europe is one of the best ways to explore this incredible continent. Rent a luxury car from any location in Europe and head on a one way discovery. Our luxury car rental in Europe service offers delivery and collection in most major cities across Europe.

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